Keith contributes to a free poster on Plant Small RNAs.

Link to poster

Postdoctoral Fellow Saima Shahid departed for her new faculty position at Oklahoma State University, in the Department of Plant Biology, Ecology and Evolution

Graduate Students Meredith Sigman and Diego Cuerda-Gil complete their Ph.D. from The Ohio State University

Postdoc Marianne Kramer led the Slotkin lab team through the NSF I-Corps training

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Graduate Student Diego Cuerda-Gil was named the 2021 William H. Danforth Plant Science Scholar!

See the full article here

Postdoc Kaushik Panda was interviewed by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about how critically important foreigners are to U.S. science

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See the video here

Danforth Center, Wash U Scientists Study Increasing Carbon Dioxide Levels On Plants

Read more at STL public radio news. Also featured in the STL business journal.

Slotkin lab graduate students Diego Cuerda-Gil and Meredith Sigman with postdoc Kaushik Panda win the Danforth Center’s Big Ideas 2.0 competition

Voted on by a live audience, this idea was awarded seed funding to jump-start the project. Read more here.

The video of the entire Danforth Center Big Ideas 2.0 competition is available here.

Kaushik Panda and Keith Slotkin talk about transposons on the Bioinformatics Chat podcast

Listen to the full podcast here.