Tools & Resources

Below are some of the tools and resources developed by the Slotkin Lab:

Improved annotation of Arabidopsis Transposable Elements

Long-read cDNA Sequencing Enables a ‘Gene-Like’ Transcript Annotation of Arabidopsis Transposable Elements. K. Panda and R.K. Slotkin. Annotations are available on GitHub.


EpiTEome: Simultaneous detection of transposable element insertion sites and their DNA methylation levels. J. Daron and R.K. Slotkin. Genome Biology v18:7704. Available on GitHub.

image-right Kismeth: Analyzer of Plant Methylation States Through Bisulfite Sequencing. E. Gruntman*, Y. Qi*, R.K. Slotkin*, T. Roeder, R.A. Martienssen and R. Sachidanandam. BMC Bioinformatics v9: e371. *These authors contributed equally to this manuscript. Available as an web-based tool.

Teaching Resources

R.K. Slotkin. Designing a Better Laboratory Course. Teaching Guide for Graduate Student Instructors 2005-2006, University of California Press.


Mutant Millets outreach, serving St. Louis region High Schools.